Monday, 5 January 2015


FILMS –SERIES                             ACTIVITIES &  GROUP PROJECTS

Compare two series (grid). ex. Season one of the
1. How many seasons does ...... have?
2. How many episodes does the first season of ...... have?
3. Which serie do you like most (comparison with funny, good, bad)
4. How many main characters are there?

General questions
- How many chapters does the first season of Modern family have?
- How many seasons do The Simpsons have? (they like to know things about The Simpsons)
- What do you know about the walking dead?
- What do you think Arrow is about?
- Can you name different types of series? Classify them.
- What is episode 6 of season 3 of the Simpsons about?
- Describe two of the main characters of your favourite series. (using personality and character adjectives)


1.   ppt presentation of cast (teacher)
2.   Describe the characters inside out, the way you think they will be
3.   Watch a chapter of the series and check
4.   Web quest.

In which village does the series take place?
When was the serie first aired?
In which decade does the series take place?
How many seasons does the series have?
Who are the main adult cast members?
Who are the main teenage cast members?
By whom is the theme song written?
What is the title of the theme song?
In  which countries is the audio dubbed?
in which countries are there subtitles?
What is the title of the British remake?
Did you like the episode we watched? Why?

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