Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Games and tips

Teacher Training

Teaching for external exams

1-       Questionaire about Strenghts-What I am good at?
                                      Weaknes-What i am bad at?
2-       My expectations


Always ask the students to bring a highlighting
1-       Vocabulary-  Write one word and look for different meanings such as  miss  a  train.Make the students make a graffiti with the new words and hang them in the wall of the class.
2-       PDM –Picture, Draw,Mimics .Students prepare cards and they write one of these letters p, d ,m in each word
3-       Match the phrasal verb with the draw in the post it      get up-------
4-       Work with small groups or pairs
5-   In pairs they have to asks questions each other and the answer one is true and the other is false.Then you guess wich one is true and which one is false.


Types of compositions.Write a list of compositions and ask the students What do they have to do?    An email
              A story
              A description …
They have to put a tick in the right ones.
Ask a title for a composition , keep it an then use them the rest of the year .Today we are going to write Eva’s compostion, f ex.
1-       Funny exercise: Write one minute without taking your hands off the paper.
2-       Take a composition and  cut the beginning, the middle and the end .Cut it and make them write the parts missing.
3-       Who are you writing to?Then you put different types of person on the screen
4-       Narratives/stories.Put the story in order:You can draw the story  in 4 pictures.Then put in order.
5-       Emails.Listen to the teacher, it’s not a dictation.
6-       Put the students in circles to write and pass the composition and stop.
7-       Write an entire composition in a post it and decorate the wall of the class.

You write a grid in the board , the student with a ball of paper in hand , go to board and trough it to the chalkboard  , and then say the word.



2-Grass skirt-Falda de hawaiana: Write words in each piece , the student come to you and…
3-       Keep or give it?
Divide the class in two teams and ask a question , you have cards in the table with -1250, +3000, -100, +500.
If the students are right you can ask them give or keep it? The winner is the team who has more points.
4-       Make a miniboard with paper and plastification.
Make the students guess: What information is taken out to make the exam task? Dates , places, numbers.Then , check with the answers.


1-       There are different ways to prepare a song for the class.Explain to them and make them prepare one for you. You’ll keep it and do it during the class year.
2-       Typical introduction questions in the speaking exam-Make them practise lots of times with different people in the class.Repeat speaking activities , gets better.
3-       Get your students pretend to be someone famous.
4-       Lye- TRUE OR FALSE
5-       Graffiti expressions.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Life Skills

Today is Gift

Teaching grammar can be fun

Teaching for external exams

  In this web we can find exercises to work when we prepare them for a test.

Present me

You can record your presentation, slides, power point adding voice.
Students work in pairs better.

My Brain Shark


The second tool we are recommended to use is this web you can add voice to your videos.Students can make a presentation and add voice and send it to the teacher.It is recommended to work in twos .


You can ask to your students to record their voice and send it to you.Then ,you can  show to the whole class the best 2 or 3.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014



-In this course we learnt how  to use screen cast technology. If you are interested  you must check -
We learnt how useful is to use Jing for giving students a general feedback.It's up to 5 minuts , it's free and it's for recording  the screen.You can save it in the computer , download and send the link.You can use it to record a mini grammar review.
Also, students can use Jing.You can send them a picture and they can describe it and send it to you by using Jing.