Monday, 2 June 2014

Tools for podcasting

 Create your podcast in minutes and get your students speaking and LOL.
Vocaroo : record your voice online in seconds
Audioboo: best web service and great mobile app for sound recording, filing and sharing

Babblerize: make a photo talk (a sure winner ;) ) Example

Vozme: Get the mp3 of a text you write

Fotobabble : a podcast attached to a picture

SOUNDS: Sound libraries for your projects.

Enhancing your stories with background sound create a context for authentic learning.

FREE MUSIC. Soundtracks for your project.

Jamendo: Copyright free music for your projects. Make your projects legal with Creative Commons Music.
Listentoyoutube: Download the music of any youtube video (illegal, I am afraid, yet useful when connectivity problems are at stake)

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